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Web Copy Writing Services

Our writing team will create new web content for you based on information you provide about your company, your ideal customer, your products and services, and the purpose of the site. We also review and revise information from your existing website (if you have one), and conduct research into your particular industry to ensure that we create the highest quality content for your needs.

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So what the heck is SEO and why is everyone talking about it? Simply put, Search Engine Optimization refers to the process of using specific techniques such as including certain keywords and phrases in web content to ensure a website ranks highly on search engine results pages, and is thus effectively marketed to its target audience. You can understand why this has become increasingly popular as sites compete for rankings on Google and other search engines.

Unfortunately there are a lot of unethical ways to optimize a site such as keyword stuffing and link farming which are the SEO equivalent of spam. We prefer to do things legitimately through organic SEO. We write content for real people, not just search engines (though we do take these into consideration). We do careful keyword research to see what your competitors are using, as well as what is ranking well with Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. We focus on writing quality content that is not overloaded with keywords so that it becomes unreadable. And we help you ensure your site is constructed in such a way that it is optimized “behind the scenes” at the meta data level.

Editing Services

You may have the copy for your website, newsletter, blog etc., but you may not be sure if your message is clear, or if you have too little or too much information. We can rewrite your copy to make it more concise and more focused, and ensure that it has a consistent tone throughout. This is especially useful if you have recently updated or changed your website and want to ensure it still reads easily.

Proofreading Services

Sometimes you need a beady eye to scan through your copy. There is nothing worse than realising you have misspelled some key product name or left a digit off your contact number (we’ve seen it happen!). We proofread your website or other content for any spelling, formatting or grammatical errors. Just be sure to let us know if you want US or British spelling.

Marketing Materials

You need a consistent message for all your marketing materials. We can work on your brochures, rack cards, newsletters, ads or mail outs.

Ghost Blogging Services

No time to write your company blog? You’re not alone. Many companies and executives know the benefits of blogging but just can’t fit it in to their schedules. Our ghost blogging services can help. Contact us to learn more about blogging packages as we can offer you affordable bundles (e.g. weekly blogs, monthly blogs) or once off blogs.


Other Writing Services:

We also offer a number of other writing services such as thesis and resume editing, white papers, and  research reports. It just depends on what you need.

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