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The Ugly Side of Social Networking: Have You Checked Your Privacy Settings?

Friday, 30 March, 2012

I know there has been a lot of media coverage about cyberbullying and with the new movie/documentary Bully coming out, I hope there will be even MORE awareness and coverage about this, but there is also another incredibly scary side of social networking sites and the amount of access to information there really is out there, brought to light by a recent UBC app* and then what I just came across today (ironically a friend shared it on Facebook), another app called Girls Around Me.

There is a great, detailed article about the app that you can check out called This Creepy App Isn’t Just Stalking Women Without Their Knowledge, It’s A Wake-Up Call About Facebook Privacy [Update] that explains how it works etc., but the principal message is watch what you post and who can read it. Too many people are naive about putting their information online and they don’t seem to check their privacy settings and ensure they don’t plaster contact info, locations, etc. everywhere online.

What creeps me out is that the site homepage wording seems to imply that the ‘check ins’ are related to the app/by consenting users of the app itself, instead of highlighting that these people don’t know that the information they’re using on other sites (e.g. Facebook) is being pulled into this app. Of course people are responsible for their own safety, but this seems just plain unethical.

I’ve been leery of Facebook Places and have NO desire to use Foursquare or any other check in or location based tool, but many people don’t seem to have the same qualms, nor think about the implications while they merrily provide the world with information on their every move.Kudos to Foursqaure, though, they’ve banned the application and have stopped the app developers from accessing Foursquare user information – a small victory!

It certainly is the ugly side of social networking; despite the fantastic access to information and the potential for knowledge sharing, there is such a thing as too much information! You don’t want to become a target. So check those privacy settings NOW, and educate yourself.

Be safe out there.



*I’m trying to locate information on this – I saw it on the news recently but haven’t been able to find any info about it – I’ll update you when I find the name and some more concrete details.

Deeper Into the Twitterverse: Slow Down Perez Hilton!

Thursday, 25 June, 2009

whisperI’ve been wanting to follow up on my previous post about Twitter after the overwhelming response I got via LinkedIn and Twitter and the comments on the post too, and today’s news got me to sit down and put finger to keyboard, so to speak.

The Twitterverse is All Abuzz

Today Michael Jackson died at age 50. Now as surprising as that news was, what was more shocking to me was the speed of the news disseminating through Twitter. I heard about his heart attack and within a short while, I heard he was dead (all via Twitter) before Yahoo News was even reporting it (my usual quick dose of news when I log onto my email). I’ve witnessed an outpouring of sympathy as well as the predictable early jokes. And what is interesting, too, is that there has been an aggressive backlash against celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who earlier today posted a pic of Jackson and distasteful (his forté) comments that accused Jackson of faking the heart attack to get out of what would have been his comeback tour. Twitterers are calling for a boycott of Perez and are urging people to unfollow him.

@mashable has written an interesting post (including the offensive Perez blunder) in which he comments on the damage this might do to the blogging community. An interesting observation, though I think perhaps not totally true? Perez Hilton is offensive, that’s how he got famous and I am sure he realises, much to his dismay, that he has just made a terrible terrible mistake and will feel the repercussions, but I don’t see exactly how this will impact negatively on bloggers or Social Media in general.

Some Tweets on the topic:

hbgoddard: Perez Hilton should have died instead of Michael Jackson!

MamaNats: Perez Hilton is a true scumbag.

luckygnahhh: Perez Hilton is a blemish on humanity. If you give him a voice, he cannot seem to use it for anything good.’ Best quote ever.

SmittnbyBritain: RT @mashable Perez Hilton‘s Despicable Michael Jackson Coverage Creates Backlash –  #unfollowperez

nonifan: Please retweet: just signed petition ‘Remove Perez Hilton as Teen Choice 2009 Nominee’ –

As of yet, I haven’t seen any posts supporting Hilton, just a lot of hate.

Heard it Through the Grapevine

Along with the Perez scandal, another strange development today was the rumour of Jeff Goldblum’s death that was spreading like wildfire on Social Media channels. And perhaps this is where @mashable’s comments on the tarnishing of Social Media’s image comes in – sometimes the grapevine is not the best source of news! Rumours have abound that the actor died on set in New Zealand and there are numerous tweets from people confirming his death, denying it, asking if it’s true.  I even saw a retweet of Kevin Spacey’s confirming that it was NOT in fact true.

Social media is powerful – I have been impressed with the support and news about the Iranian protests – but sometimes the speed of information sharing can lead to rumours and mishaps. There are so many ways to use Social Media platforms effectively, but as many ways to mess up and get yourself into trouble! I often talk to students in Communcation class about how technology has effected communication – particularly its speed. Compare writing a letter to someone that you know will only get it in a month to a text message or an email that they’ll get immediately. One thing I always warn them about is taking the time to THINK, PLAN and REVISE before they send off an email.

Bet Perez Hilton wishes someone had given him that advice!