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Spring Cleaning?

Monday, 22 February, 2010

Hard to believe how time is marching on. Here in Vancouver we are right in the middle of the Olympics, of course, and so things have all but shut down everywhere as the crowds take to the streets and everywhere it’s red and white!

It’s important to remember, though, that life actually does go on and so you can’t ever really ignore those things on the to-do list. Tax time is coming up, there are articles to be written, I have midterms to set for my Business Communication students, and a lot of other things big and small to accomplish. The gorgeous sunshine we have been having (I hear the warmest winter in 114 years) makes it very hard to sit inside and do all these things as it feels like spring already out there. The cherry trees are blossoming and by tomorrow or the next day, I will have bright new daffodils in the garden. How can I possibly think about taxes at a time like this? 🙂 It’s all about balance though.

I’ve decided to attempt to do The Artist’s Way course again. About five years ago I started the book, and I have always been a ‘journaler’ and try to take myself off on Artist’s Dates as often as possible, but I really would like to try the various other activities Cameron suggests. I’ll be interested to see how it goes, and perhaps, as an accountability exercise, I will try and blog about my experiences. I also need to remind myself not to beat myself up if I don’t get through things, remembering that balance and the importance of being good to myself.

In other news, will be having an article published on Entreprenurial Woman; a fantastic online magazine aimed at female small business owners. I’ll also be starting on a new writing/SEO project soon, working in conjunction with the fabulous crew from Spectramedia. Its going to be a very busy next few months, but looking forward to it.