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Seasons Greetings! Goal Setting for 2010

Wednesday, 30 December, 2009

It seems that every time I hit this time of year, I find myself saying, what the heck happened to the last year? the last decade? Time really does fly by and this time of the year is scary, yet exhilarating. It gives us a chance to inhale and reflect on the past year, and also to look forward to what we want to do, change, grow, and reap in the new year. Personally I usually use my birthday for a lot of this “work”, but 2009 has been such a rollercoaster year that I can’t help but be reflective in these last few days of the decade.

One way to prepare for the new year is to update your resume! Yes, a quick plug for a workshop I will be running through the Wired Woman Society on January 12th. You can find more details about this, or register, on the Wired Woman website. It really is a good time, though, to think about where you stand in your career, what you want to do more of/less of and what thing you can change for the better. And if you can be prepared with a fresh new resume, you’re that much more ahead of the game!

Remember to set clear goals this time of year. It is easy to have a long list of ‘resolutions’, but if you don’t affix timelines or deadlines, then it is just that – a list of resolutions that will serve to depress you later in the year when you realise you haven’t checked any of them off. It is important, too, to balance all the aspects of your life – physical (something we worry about a lot after the excesses of the holidays!), mental, emotional and spiritual. No easy task, but infinitely important.

I wish all of you a very happy, smooth transition to 2010. Enjoy yourselves and don’t forget to congratulate yourselves on all the big achievements of the past year. These are far more important than any failures or tasks undone.

Here’s to the beginning of a new decade!