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Days of Our Lives and Effective Copywriting??

Thursday, 3 November, 2011

I came across an interesting article via Wordtracker on using the idea of what the author, Sean d’Souza, calls disconnectors to write effective, engaging copy. Using clear examples, d’Souza explains how disconnectors are just what soapies (sorry, day time dramas) like Days of Our Lives use to draw in their audience and keep them watching, and he demonstrates how this can be an effective technique in writing better copy.

The basic premise is the idea of keeping the reader paying attention by throwing in textual curve balls: seemingly incongruous stories/examples/subject changes that then eventually tie in to the main idea of the article. I agree that this can be a great way to write a more interesting article, though you have to be very careful that your disconnectors don’t go off on too far a tangent without returning to the point you’re trying to make, leaving your readers in the proverbial soapie coma…

You can read the full article, “Why disconnectors in copywriting are critical in keeping your reader awake” on the Wordtracker site. Let me know your thoughts.